Child & Youth Counselling for Selective Mutism

Miller Health’s child and youth counselling involves sessions with a therapist to improve your child’s physical and mental well being.

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Accessing services from a Registered Social Worker can assist your child with selective mutism and building self-esteem, confidence and social skills.

  • Improving family relationships
  • Skill building to better manage emotions
  • Understanding behavioural challenges
  • Creating helpful thinking patterns
  • Adjusting to changes in family life or structure
  • Building self-esteem, self-confidence, and social skills

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What Is Selective Mutism?

Selective mutism is a form of anxiety that often presents itself when an individual is in a particular social situation, during which they are unable to speak. These situations occur in an environment, like at school, or with a person like a relative they don’t see very often. Selective mutism typically occurs during childhood, however, if it is left untreated, it can persist into adulthood. 

What Are the Causes of Selective Mutism?

While the cause is relatively unknown, children that develop selective mutism often already have some form of social phobia or anxiety.

Identifying Selective Mutism in Children

If your child is selectively mute at home, you may not realize it immediately because they will have no issues speaking at home. You will likely hear about it from their teacher first or you might notice that they won’t speak to an old friend. The key is that the situation in which they are unable to speak is selective, it is not as though they can’t speak at all.

Our Approach to Care / What To Expect

While a session with one of our therapists may trigger selective mutism in your child, our therapists are well equipped with tools and tricks to not only engage with your child but help them navigate and overcome their fear in the process. 

It is likely that the first few sessions are spent individually with parents, gathering information and discussing an appropriate treatment plan for your child. Sessions with the child will focus on building safety and comfort, and often will include the use of therapeutic games or toys to make the child feel more comfortable. Every child is different and sessions will be individualized based on progress and specific goals.

Improve your child’s physical and mental well being

  • Quick Booking & Convenient Hours
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Counselling and psychotherapy can assist children and youth with…

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Selective Mutism
  • Managing other mental health challenges like ADHD, OCD, & ODD.
  • Emotional and Behavioural Regulation
  • Family Counselling and dealing with family or peer conflict
  • Behaviours connected to disorders of executive function
  • Building emotional literacy
  • Working through a transition, such as a death, divorce or a move.
  • Boosting self-confidence, self-esteem, resilience and other positive traits

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Frequently Asked Questions About Child and Youth Counselling for Selective Mutism

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Selective mutism is a type of anxiety disorder that manifests in some social situations, where the individual becomes unable to speak. It is most common in children and usually occurs in specific environments or in interactions with certain individuals.

Selective mutism often appears as a child who is comfortable and capable of speaking in some environments, like home, but becomes mute in others, like school or when interacting with unfamiliar individuals.

The exact cause of selective mutism is unknown. However, it often appears in children who already exhibit symptoms of social phobia or anxiety disorders.

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