Child & Youth Counselling for Anxiety

Miller Health’s child and youth counselling involves sessions with a therapist to improve your child’s physical and mental well being.

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Accessing services from a Registered Social Worker can assist your child or youth in developing coping skills and strategies to manage their anxiety.

  • Improving family relationships
  • Skill building to better manage emotions
  • Understanding behavioural challenges
  • Creating helpful thinking patterns
  • Adjusting to changes in family life or structure
  • Building self-esteem, self-confidence, and social skills

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What Is Anxiety?

Anxiety disorders are characterized by excessive apprehensiveness about real or perceived threats, typically leading to avoidance behaviors and often to physical symptoms such as increased heart rate and muscle tension. The symptoms of anxiety are severe enough to result in an impairment of function.

Understanding and Addressing Child and Adolescent Anxiety

It is normal for a child or adolescent to want to avoid certain activities or interactions out of slight fear, but more often than not, they can be convinced that it won’t be as bad as they are expecting. 

However, treatment is helpful when that fear escalates to a more severe manifestation and interferes with their daily functioning. You may notice that they stop participating in events or activities that they previously enjoyed, or there may be an unexpected change in their behavior.

Our Approach to Care / What To Expect

When a child or youth is experiencing anxiety, our mental health team will help guide the child in learning how to manage and cope with their anxious thoughts and feelings. These strategies may include education about anxiety and exploration of various calming activities and ways to ground themselves during situations where they feel overwhelmed. 

Sessions may also include coping strategies to help the physical symptoms of anxiety like learning how to slow their breathing down. Depending on the age of the child/youth, the parent(s) may also be involved in sessions so that they can continue to help and support the child at home.

Improve your child’s physical and mental well being

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Frequently Asked Questions About Child and Youth Counselling for Anxiety

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Child & Youth Counselling for Anxiety at Miller Health is a specialized therapy program that aims to help young individuals manage and overcome their anxiety. This program includes sessions with a Registered Social Worker, who will work closely with your child to develop effective coping skills and strategies.

Any child or youth who is struggling with excessive apprehensiveness, avoidance behaviors, or physical symptoms such as increased heart rate and muscle tension due to anxiety can benefit from this service. It’s also beneficial for those whose anxiety is severe enough to affect their daily functioning.

It’s normal for children and adolescents to experience some degree of fear or anxiety. However, if you notice your child’s fear escalating to a level where it interferes with their daily functioning, stops them from participating in events or activities they previously enjoyed, or causes an unexpected change in their behavior, it may be time to seek professional help.

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