Child & Youth Counselling for Emotional & Behavioural Regulation

Miller Health’s child and youth counselling involves sessions with a therapist to improve your child’s physical and mental well being.

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Are You Looking for Resources for a Child or Youth in your Care?

Accessing services from a Registered Social Worker can assist in helping you better understand your child’s behaviour and provide skill-building to help your child better manage their emotions. 

  • Improving family relationships
  • Skill building to better manage emotions
  • Understanding behavioural challenges
  • Creating helpful thinking patterns
  • Adjusting to changes in family life or structure
  • Building self-esteem, self-confidence, and social skills

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What Is Emotional & Behavioural Regulation?

Regulating emotion is often something that we do without even consciously thinking about it. When something happens throughout the day, whether big or small, we manage and respond to it. Sometimes we are great at responding to an emotional trigger and take it in stride. 

Other times, we are simply reacting which can lead to a physical or emotional outburst, leaving families with a sense of regret, shame and guilt.  For children and youth, their brain is not yet fully developed and so they may not have the strategies to help manage their emotions and cope with difficult situations.

What To Look For

While it is normal for kids to have temper tantrums or emotional outbursts, it can often cause confusion, and frustration and be challenging for parents This can include behaviors that seem to reflect a child being oppositional, uncooperative or impolite. Parents are constantly faced with challenges figuring out how to manage their child’s explosive emotions or behaviors, while also navigating their own emotions. 

Our Approach to Care / What To Expect

Our mental health team can help your child utilize different strategies that enable them to express their emotions in a more effective manner. Similar to developing other skills, these are no different so the therapist will provide ways to practice the skill. 

Many approaches assume that children can self-regulate their emotions and behaviors when in reality, they simply do not yet have that ability. Sessions may include discussion around at-home work for families to continue practicing specific strategies.

Our Approach to Care / What To Expect

While a session with one of our therapists may trigger selective mutism in your child, our therapists are well equipped with tools and tricks to not only engage with your child but help them navigate and overcome their fear in the process. 

It is likely that the first few sessions are spent individually with parents, gathering information and discussing an appropriate treatment plan for your child. Sessions with the child will focus on building safety and comfort, and often will include the use of therapeutic games or toys to make the child feel more comfortable. Every child is different and sessions will be individualized based on progress and specific goals.

Improve your child’s physical and mental well being

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Counselling and psychotherapy can assist children and youth with…

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Selective Mutism
  • Managing other mental health challenges like ADHD, OCD, & ODD.
  • Emotional and Behavioural Regulation
  • Family Counselling and dealing with family or peer conflict
  • Behaviours connected to disorders of executive function
  • Building emotional literacy
  • Working through a transition, such as a death, divorce or a move.
  • Boosting self-confidence, self-esteem, resilience and other positive traits

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Frequently Asked Questions About Child and Youth Counselling for Emotional & Behavioural Regulation

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Emotional and behavioural regulation refers to the process of managing and responding to emotional triggers and situations. Since children and youths’ brains are not fully developed, they often struggle to cope with these situations and may react with physical or emotional outbursts.

While it’s normal for children to occasionally have tantrums or emotional outbursts, ongoing behaviours such as being oppositional, uncooperative, or impolite could indicate that your child may benefit from counselling.

Our counselling services are provided by Registered Social Workers who are experienced in helping children and youths better understand and manage their emotions.

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