2015 at Miller Health

We are very excited about recent changes that have been happening at the clinic to better improve our patients health. We will be blogging more in depth about everything, but just wanted to keep everyone informed. We have hired a new kinesiologist, Cassandra Morton, who is going to be implementing all of the rehabilitation done at the clinic. We have also purchased a new Storz MP200 shockwave machine. Shockwave therapy is great for treating tendinopathies and other conditions such as plantar fasciitis, jumpers knee, tennis elbow and more! We are also pleased to announce the addition of Erin Pierson to the Miller Health Team! Erin is a registered massage therapist with a lot of experience and we look forward to learning and working with her.  We are also an affiliated clinic with Complete Concussion Managment, where we have a comprehensive program that manages athletes from injury to return to play. This includes baseline testing which is the most accurate way to assess whether a concussion has occurred but also assists in determining whether it is safe to return to play. Stay tuned for more updates!

Welcome to Miller Health Centre Online!

At Miller Health Centre, we are undergoing a lot of changes. Both in the physical environment and the digital one, we are expanding. We’ve added new practitioners in physio therapy and chiropractic medicine, we’ve grown our clinic, and now we’re venturing into an online space to deliver health and wellness best practice news, offer the ability to communicate with us electronically, and just generally becoming easier to find.

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