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Our Registered Dietitian can help you achieve your nutrition goals in a realistic and sustainable way.

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Don’t Let Poor Nutrition Derail Your Health Goals

Nutrition is a key factor in preventing and managing many health conditions, and without proper guidance, it’s easy to make choices that can undermine your health goals.

  • Inadequate nutrition can contribute to the development or exacerbation of health conditions, such as heart disease, diabetes, and digestive issues.
  • Poor eating habits can lead to weight gain or difficulty maintaining a healthy weight, which can also increase your risk of chronic health conditions.
  • Ignoring your nutritional needs can leave you feeling sluggish, fatigued, or lacking energy, which can affect your productivity, mood, and overall quality of life.
  • Without guidance from a registered dietitian, it can be difficult to determine how to meet your nutritional needs while accommodating personal preferences and dietary restrictions.
  • Fad diets and conflicting nutrition advice can be confusing and overwhelming, making it difficult to know what choices are best for your individual needs.
  • Over time, poor nutrition can have a cumulative negative effect on your health, reducing your overall quality of life and increasing your risk of chronic disease.

Achieve the Quality of life you deserve

Miller Health Nutrition Counselling in Orillia

Miller Health is devoted to your overall health and well being, which is why we offer nutrition counselling. Registered Dietitians are regulated health professionals who can help you understand the connection between food and health. They translate the latest science about food and nutrition into practical tips for you to implement into your daily life. These changes can help with health conditions and the achievement of your optimal health. 

What to Expect

Our Registered Dietitian will talk with you about your health history, current eating patterns, diet history, preferences, cultural practices, and goals. Through an individualized approach, they will provide education and resources to help you develop tangible skills and reach your nutrition goals in a realistic and sustainable way. 

What can a Registered Dietitian help with?

  • Prenatal and postnatal nutrition
  • Sports nutrition
  • Digestive issues
  • Diabetes, heart disease or high blood pressure 
  • Weight management (underweight or overweight)
  • Special diets (e.g. vegetarian, vegan) 
  • Food allergies and intolerances 
  • Assessing changing nutrient requirements through the lifespan 

There are many other areas that a dietitian can help with! Our Registered Dietitian is happy to provide a complimentary 10-minute phone consultation for you to determine if this service is right for you. 

Ready to take the first step toward achieving your nutrition goals?

Contact Miller Health by calling us on (705) 242-5387 or book online with a Registered Dietitian today. It may be helpful to complete a 3-day food log prior to your first appointment.

Improve and maximize your health today!

  • Quick Booking & Convenient Hours
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  • Prioritized Patient Experience
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Reasons to See a Dietitian At Any Stage Of Life

  • Pre-surgical weight loss
  • Sports nutrition
  • IBS
  • Weight gain
  • Low FODMAP diet
  • Digestive issues
  • Prenatal nutrition
  • Food Allergies
  • Vegan /Vegetarian diet
  • Diabetes management
  • Meal planning
  • Chronic disease management

Frequently Asked Questions About Nutrition Counselling

Reach out if you can’t find what you’re looking for.

Initial assessments are typically one hour, and follow-up appointments are 30-45 minutes.

The number of appointments will vary depending on your goals and needs. You and the Dietitian will decide together on the number of appointments you may need and when they should be. 

Things to bring to your first appointment include an updated supplement and medication list, glucometer (if applicable), and a copy of recent lab work (if applicable). It may be helpful to bring along a completed  3-day food log.

If you have extended health benefits, sessions may be covered. Please confirm with your specific provider. 

Registered Dietitians are regulated health professionals in Canada, similar to physiotherapists, nurses and physicians. A nutritionist is not regulated in the province of Ontario. Regulation helps to ensure accountability to a high standard of ethics and education, and that you are receiving evidence-based information and treatment. To confirm whether you are seeing a regulated nutrition counsellor, look for the initials RD after the practitioner’s name.

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