Orthotics Orillia

Get The Best Custom Orthotics Possible at Miller Health

For everything from arch pain and shin splints to biomechanical imbalances, custom orthotics can provide patients relief. If you’ve been hoping to find a clinic that offers custom orthotics in Orillia, search no further than Miller Health. Our qualified team of healthcare professionals is committed to providing excellent orthotics to every patient in need.

While it’s true that orthotics are worn inside shoes, they can assist with afflictions that extend far beyond the feet. In fact, quality custom orthotics can assist with such issues as:

  • Knee, hip, and back pain
  • Plantar fasciitis 
  • Shin splints and heel pain
  • Bunions and hammer toes

Many people don’t realize just how much of their overall comfort, motion, and well-being begins at the feet. Orthotics can correct imbalances, leading to better posture and a more comfortable movement, which has a ripple effect to create a more generally fulfilling lifestyle.

What to Expect When Meeting with An Orthotics Doctor

Though custom orthotics are an excellent solution for many people, they’re not right for every patient, and at Miller Health we will never recommend a treatment that we aren’t certain will be effective.

Because of this, patients interested in custom orthotics must first meet with a member of our team to conduct an examination and determine whether orthotics will be helpful or not. This examination will include a detailed discussion of history, as well as a physical. 

From there, the doctor will take into account the specific issues with which the patient is dealing. With all of this information in mind, the Miller Health team can make an informed recommendation about whether or not a patient should pursue custom orthotics. 

In most cases, patients who are seeking out orthotics already have a pretty good handle on whether or not they’re going to be helpful, so this process shouldn’t take too long, but it’s important to our team that we’re thorough in our assessment before making recommendations.

How Much Do Custom Orthotics Cost?

Pain in the feet, legs, hips, and back can prove debilitating, and severely impact a person’s quality of life and overall health. Because of this, many insurance companies actually cover custom orthotics, leaving patients to only pay a portion of the cost out-of-pocket. 

Of course, this varies between plans and providers, so patients should speak with their specific provider to be sure one way or another. 

At Miller Health, our focus is always on the patient experience, which is why we minimize the amount of paperwork with direct billing and try to find ways to make our services as affordable as possible. 

It’s difficult to provide a concrete estimate for custom orthotics because they vary so greatly, but we can assure our patients that they’ll be left with a truly life-changing product.

What Makes Miller Health A Quality Orthotics Clinic

The team of healthcare professionals at Miller Health genuinely cares about patients’ comfort and experiences. Unlike many clinics, we don’t simply try to get patients in and out as quickly as possible. Instead, we have some of the longest appointments in Orillia, and we take the time to really understand the situation at hand. 

Additionally, our staff is highly skilled and trained, so everyone who walks through the door can trust that they are receiving quality medical advice. Plus, the reason we provide consultations prior to conducting orthotics fittings is that we’re not simply trying to make money—we care about providing sound medical advice. 

All of these facts are further enhanced by Miller Health’s multidisciplinary status. Not only do we provide custom orthotics, but we also offer a range of other therapeutic services that could be used in conjunction with orthotics to eliminate pain and restore motion. 

It’s not an overstatement to say that a good pair of custom orthotics can change a patient’s life. If you think that you might benefit from decreased pain or proper alignment, contact Miller Health today to receive a custom orthotics consultation.