Samantha McIsaac

Yoga Instructor

Yoga Instructor

Sam McIsaac’s journey of wellness and health began on a professional level with a career as a Registered Nurse. Graduating from McMaster University in 2015, she returned to her hometown of Orillia to work frontline at Orillia Soldiers’ Memorial Hospital in Acute Medicine, and eventually specializing in the environment where she now works, the Intensive Care Unit. It was this frontline exposure that revealed to her both a passion for health promotion and disease prevention.

Sam’s personal interest of health and wellness led her to taking her first 200hr Yoga Teacher Training in Costa Rica, November of 2022, followed by an additional 300hr training in Mexico, March of 2023. Blending now the two worlds, of Western and Eastern medicine, Sam uses her knowledge of the human body, and the ancient practice of yoga to restore the mind-body connection. Sam’s goal is to work with individuals who are in need of re-establishing mindfullness as it relates to their own bodies, to empower healing and strengthening. She has been a witness to the effects of illness and injury; both chronic and acute, and understands the various needs these clients posses on the road to their recovery.

Sam aspires to help those who have experienced any level of physical de-conditioning or weakening of the body. Whether this comes from illness, injury or other life circumstances, Sam’s classes are intended to start movement at a foundational level to re-establish the brain’s connection to the body. The intention here is to allow the mind to remember, or re-learn how to safely engage in movement and body strength exercise to build the muscle that can prevent injury in the future. Anyone with special interest in core strengthening, stability or balance, and/or improving range of motion or flexibility is encouraged to attend any of her classes and see the results.

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